The Lutheran confessions assume the existence of Saints and include them in the communio sanctorum --

communion of saints. The word "saints" has been used by the church in several ways. In Scripture it refers to believers on earth and in heaven (with Christ).

In current ecclesiastical language, saints refers to the faithful departed who have been recognized by the church as deserving the title. Lutherans have no rite of canonization and ordinarily do not grant the title “saint” to anyone except those who were canonized before the Reformation.

Beliefs concerning Commemoration Edit

Lutherans believe that the Saints pray for the church in general but are not mediators of redemption. Generally the saints are given the same attributes they had on earth. Prayers to saints are prohibited.

The Lutheran confessions approve honoring the saints. They are honored in three ways:

1. By thanking God for examples of His mercy;

2. By using the saints as example for strengthening our faith;

3. By imitating their faith and other virtues.

The Liturgical Calendar honors and remembers various saints of both scripture and church history, by having Feast Days assigned to them.